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How To Create An Email Marketing Plan

A guide by MailChimp

What's inside:

A fictional case-study that includes step-by-step instructions for creating an email-marketing plan. Steps include:

  • Defining your readers

  • Determining your purpose

  • Outlining your goals

  • Determining your frequency

  • Creating a timeline

You know you want to do some email marketing, but you’re not sure where to start. You think you might need a "Plan of Action," but that sounds complicated and time consuming. Let’s face it: You’re too darn busy to spend hours and hours developing an email- marketing plan. This guide is for you.


The purpose of MMP’s email communications is to gather and report the latest marketing-industry news, trends and research. The purpose of Just Bulbs’ email communications is primarily to sell light bulbs. They’ll also share information about their products (light bulbs) and reward their readers with special offers and sales.

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